How To Build A Coaching Business Part 3: How To Level Up Your Online Income

In part 1 of this series I sat down with my man Phil Hawksworth to chop it up on how he built a six figure personal training business in London. In part 2, we sat down again to talk about how he moved his coaching business online and was able to travel the world and maintain a six figure income. Now in part 3 we talk about how Phil was able to leverage his expertise in personal training to branch out into more specialize, lucrative and liberating services.

This is what I call the levels of luxury principle and applies to any service based business, however what we cover in this video/podcast is how to do it in a coaching business (training/life coaching), specifically personal training. By levels of luxury I mean, taking your service based business and moving it into avenues where you can make more money, where you can travel and not be tied to a location, where you can get yourself away from having to live on a schedule, and eventually where you can productize your specialized knowledge and start making money.

This is crucial information for every guy, but specifically young guys who want an applicable path to follow. Phil is 27 and has been in business for himself since he was 20. The path he followed is the ideal for every aspiring entreprenuer, as opposed to my path which was make a lot of money in sales killing myself to make someone else richer while I fail at product based businesses and eventually succeed.

I lay out my path for using sales as corporate a springboard for success in my book How To Sell, but Phil’s path is a better model. Never work a job, master a service, sell the hell out of it offline, move it online, leverage your skills into more lucrative and liberating avenues and eventually productivze that knowledge.

Here’s what we cover:

  • Using your specialized, service/coaching knowledge to branch out into content writing/copywriting
  • Branching out into selling marketing services to other coaches
  • How to get paid, build your rep, charge high prices and move good clients off of Upwork
  • Deep dive into facebook ads and how to use them to market for other coaches
  • How to tap your network and sell your specialized services to other coaches
  • Expanding into building a brand on youtube/blog and why its important
  • Light coverage on how to eventually transition into productizing your knowledge for passive income/guru biz

Check out the full podcast here: