How To Build A Coaching Business Part 2: Moving Your Business Online

In part 1 of this series I sat down with my man Phil Hawksworth to chop it up on how he built a six figure personal training business in London. Now in part 2 of this three part series, we sat down again to talk about how he moved his coaching business online and was able to travel the world and maintain a six figure income.

Here’s what we covered

– How to move your coaching business online and charge more per hour than you charge in person
– How many clients you can expect to move online with you
– How to structure your suite of services to your clients and package them according to your clients needs
– The three key marketing strategies to get clients online
– The rate of return you can expect on Facebook ads
– How to get high client conversions from using Facebook ads to get your clients on the phone and find their needs
– How long it takes to migrate your business online
– Phils book on how to make money as a personal trainer – The Prosperous Personal Trainer
– Why its a smart move for your personal happiness to take a pay cut out of the gate
– How to make up for the initial pay cut by geoarbitraging your income

Also stay tuned for part 3 where we cover how to leverage your expertise and branch out your online business to more lucrative and liberating services.

Check out the full video/audio below and get ready to take notes because we go for close to an hour and we cover a lot of practical information: