Why You Should Be A Boss Player Not A Playboy

In this video and audio I bread down why it’s better to think of yourself as a boss player in the game of life as your primary identity as opposed to a playboy who is good with women.

Not that I don’t think it’s important to be good with women, I have a ton of content about having better relationships with girls and I stand by all of it.

What it’s about is having the right priorities and being able to generate state and self esteem from more than just picking up women.

Check out the full video and audio below:

  1. also there’s the psychological aspect. having sex with dozens of girls – and whatever puas say this must include a degree of manipulation/lies, no way all those girls were happy with an ons – on and on, without any emotional connection is frankly pathological, and to me it shows there’s sth wrong with that person, he’s trying to suppress some pain he’s feeling. sure, all men want some variety but i think if you have healthy self-esteem etc, then you’d stop maybe after 10-20 casual relationships (or even have less, and have a series of shorter and longer relationships and maybe few occasional hookups).

  2. I’m reading Felix Dennis’ book (a must read!). He was a “boss player” and amassed a 9-figure fortune. Yet he still had a bunch of regrets, like his addiction to drugs, booze and hookers, which cost him a ton of money and destroyed his health. And he regrets getting addicted to making more and more money, wishing he had cashed out much earlier to live a clean and simple life, writing poetry and planting trees.

    Looks like it’s impossible to live a life of zero regrets.

    But, from what I’ve learned, you can minimize them by learning from others’ mistakes, focusing on what matters, understanding opportunity cost, cutting your losses, trusting your gut and looking for the point of diminishing returns in anything you do.

  3. Will, I knew something was different when I glimpsed the length of this video.

    Probably one of your best yet. You hit the nil on the head.

    I feel like I speak for many of your young followers (I’m 23) when I say that lot of us are kind of ‘on the edge’ so to speak. should we focus on getting girls, or making money? How much focus should be directed to either? The answers you provide may not be the answers many want to hear, but they’re correct. I shared this video with some friends who need to see it.

    Thank you and I wish you continued success with your endeavors.

  4. Don’t be too hard on your younger self Will, we all make mistakes or have poor priorities when we’re young. Like i’m 19 right now and till i came across RLD the most important things for me were video games and porn (even worse then aiming to get girls imo). You basically seem to be talking about maturity and wisdom which only comes with age or advice. Usually, parents are supposed to give you this advice but they either don’t because they’ve failed in life or their relationship with their kids is poor and they won’t listen to them.

    I have to say i’m honestly glad RLD exists at all and that i found it at 19 years of age in life (wish i came across it earlier) because now i have the right priorities and mission plus some know how to achieve it. Also women or getting girls is definetly overrated as hell, like i was literally depressed about some girl for a few years until i came across your site and got a new perspective on what’s truly important in life.

    I’d say the biggest reason for depression amongst young guys is that many of them base their confidence and metric of success on getting girls and other sand castle type stuff …

  5. Good stuff man, sounds like you’ve got a good understanding of things, you’re going to be way ahead of the game. And appreciate the kind words

  6. I’m part of a mastermind with 24 millionaires in it and like half of them were married to their collage sweethearts by the age of 25. And it’s a common theme with highly successful people I see (billionaires have the lowest divorce rate of all social groups [8% chance to get divorced as a billionaire]). Most people I see who are only about getting laid are kind of lost. Sadly one of my friends is clinical depressed and tries to escape with fucking around…

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