How To Avoid Toxic Women Part 3: Good Women, Good Relationships And The Man You Need To Be

In part 1 of how to avoid toxic women we covered the 49 red flags to avoid. In part 2 we covered the key screening technique to find out if you can trust a woman. And now in part 3, the final installment of this series, we break down what a good woman looks like, what a good relationship looks like and the standards to expect as well as the man you need to become.

Check out the video, audio plus the bullet point notes for your reference below:

How To Avoid Toxic Women Part 3

What A Good Woman Looks Like

  • Don’t give up hope, good women exist, tend to be more traditional, harder to find in the west but still exist
  • My great Aunt is a perfect example, took care of her husband through his dementia
  • Characteristics of a good woman: Loving, Honest, Loyal, Accepting…and then Looks, looks is #5, not number 1!!!
  • The attributes you want are: traditional, feminine, sweet – traits attacked by cultural marxism, feminism and modern culture
  • See my girlfriend screening guide for a more extensive list
  • And it’s not about trying to fit a square peg into a round whole, it’s about finding the girl you’re looking for
  • A girl who is already sweeth and feminine and looking for a man like you – you can’t change a woman
  • Victor Pride has a great example of finding the right woman in this article: Return Of The Firestarter
  • You’ll notice Victor’s emphasis and mine as well over everything is: HONESTY, HONESTY, HONESTY

What A Good Relationship Looks Like: Standards To Expect

  • In a sentence, what you should expect is to be treated well by a loving, honest, loyal and accountable woman
  • And it should be easy, not breaking up and getting back together, not constant drama, not constant dishonesty and vows to change
  • In interviews with happy couples, the #1 thing they say is that it was easy and natural
  • Key, key, key criteria for what behavior to accept is: “Would you let your guy friend treat you like that?
  • Burn that phrase in your brain, and repeat it every time you get questionable treatment from a woman
  • Would your best friend lie, cry, yell or otherwise cause drama in an attempt to manipulate you?
  • The answer is no, and you should hold women to that exact standard
  • Every girl over the age of 20 knows what good behavior is and what bad behavior is
  • And she also knows how to control her emotions, be accountable and be on time: she does it every day at work
  • The reason guys accept different behavior from women is they put them on a pedestal
  • Or they think it’s cute, or they excuse it as her just being a girl: this is all garbage
  • Judge her by her actions, not words, and her actions have to be her treating you well

The Man You Need To Be

  • We talked a lot about avoiding toxic women, and finding the right women, but just as important is being the right man
  • All the red flags in part 1 apply to us as well, it’s important to take an honest account of yourself and see if they apply
  • If you want a great man, it’s only fair that you become a great man, because you’re only as good as the value you add
  • The key traits in a man are: maxing your SMV, confidence, state control, competence and warmth
  • A good woman wants a protector and a provider who she can lean on for confidence and emotional support
  • That takes maturity and money, it also takes experience with women and knowing how to screen for the right one
  • Which is why I don’t recommend most guys settle down until their mid 30’s minimimum
  • With that said, don’t think because you find the right girl you can get legally married, that’s not an option