How To Avoid Toxic Women Part 2: How To Know If You Can Trust A Girl (Includes Insane Real Life Example)

In part 1 of this series we covered the how to avoid toxic women by spotting the 49 red flags to look out for. The definition of a toxic woman being someone who poisons your happiness through deceptive, manipulative, rude and sometimes violent behaviors.

And now in part 2, I’m going to give you the ultimate screening test for trusting a potential girlfriend. I’m also going to assume you read part 1, and no what to look for, and are either considering a relationship with this girl or are already in one. I’m also going to assume you’ve done all your screening homework by reading the following articles:

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So assuming you know the red flags to look for, and you’ve done your homework on screening the next logical thing to learn is how to know if you can trust a girl. The unfortunate truth is, that you can’t. You can’t trust any human being 100%. However you can massively reduce the probability of getting fucked by following the one simple technique I’m going to give you. Because as a player in the game of life, you’ve given up on certainties and live to play probabilities.

Now I’m going to assume, that any girl you’re serious about is one who as already one part of your trust, and one who has past the screening criteria as well as not thrown up any obvious red flags on the field. Unfortunately some women are good actresses, this technique is designed to weed them out and reveal the good ones. I’ve also got an insane real life example that just happened to my buddy using this exact technique and what it revealed to him about his girlfriend.

Check out the full video and audio here, test it out for yourself and let me know how it goes in the comments.

Lastly you can check out the third and final part of the series here: How To Avoid Toxic Women Part 3: Good Women, Good Relationships And The Man You Need To Be. 

  1. Will,

    As far as going through a girl’s phone, how do you know that they are not deleted text messages and facebook messages? I am recently divorced. My wife of 11 years did this and that is how she hid cheating for so long. Thanks for all of your badass material.

  2. Will,

    This video was sobering as fuck. When I got to the part about the Keylogger thing, my stomach dropped. I’ve had a girlfriend (non-monogamous relationship, but still with the boyfriend/girlfriend title) for about 11 months now. I’m always seeing at least one other girl, usually two, just for good measure. My thoughts about her did a complete 180 after this post.

    A few weeks ago she had a bruise on her thigh that looks exactly like the bruises I sometimes give her from biting. I poked fun at her for having an obvious sex bruise, and she insisted it was from bumping into something at a bar because she “bruises easily”. I didn’t believe her, but I really, really wanted to because I’ve always had a mental image of her as being an honest person.

    She told me she hasn’t had sex with any other guys for several months, saying “I’m not saying I haven’t in the past, but it’s been a while”. After watching this, I’m realizing how low the odds are that she’s telling the truth. It’s real hard to accept.

    I want to do the phone test with her, but I’m scared shitless. I know she’ll do it, because she’s very liberal about letting me near her phone (unlike some girls), but I’m afraid of what I’m going to find.

    Thanks for the talk – I always remind myself that my feelings about her are clouding my judgement, but sometimes you NEED a 3rd party to five yourself an accurate reality check. If I can sack up and do it, I’ll report back to this comment and share what I found.

  3. Thanks Dan, glad to hear it was valuable. And yes it’s a very important trust test. With that said, for you being in an open relationship it’s not as big of a deal, but if she’s lying about it it’s still not cool. My take on it would be, if you’re being honest and she’s being sketchy it’s definitely not cool, and that would be a hard no for me if she ever pushed for a monogamous relationship. But for sure keep me posted.

  4. Will,

    I said I would come back and share what happened, so I am.

    She got back from a vacation with her family and came directly to my place. I wasn’t planning on doing it last night, but we got a couple glasses of wine in us and I decided it was time to pull the trigger before I lost my nerve.

    The second I told her I was gonna give her my phone, she gave me hers. Not a second of hesitation, just thrust it into my hands. I brought this up out of the blue, so she had no advanced warning whatsoever.

    Not only was she completely honest about her sex life, but as far as I can tell she’s told me no lies at all. She’d told me she hadn’t seen any other guys since late last year, and sure enough there wasn’t a single shady message to be found. I checked everything: facebook, texts, her Tinder account. Nothing. Not even a flirtatious conversation.

    My mind is blown. The paranoia had built up to the extent I was positive I was gonna find something. Having lived the player lifestyle for a while now, I was absolutely shocked that a girl would be honest with me. It feels like a huge weight off my shoulders, and should be comforting to any other guys that read this comment. Honest girls do exist. They might be hard to find, but they exist. To me, this isn’t just a victory within my relationship, but a victory within my view of women as a whole. It may seem silly or trivial, but I was at a point where I assumed all women were dick-fed lying machines.

    Needless to say, she found quite a few conversations between me and other girls, but since I haven’t lied to her about this stuff there was no drama. We just sat there for half an hour going through each other’s shit, and then everything went back to normal and we had a great night.

    Thank you for this article. If I hadn’t done your test, I never would have discovered that I have a gem on my hands.


    PS: I bought How to Get Laid on Tinder for my little brother. He got laid within 2 days of reading it. It’s the second girl he’s ever slept with.

  5. First off, thanks for your purchase, and that’s awesome dude, love to hear it was effective.

    Second, great to hear on your relationship, there definitely are honest women out there, they’re rare, but not every woman fits the manosphere stereotype. Glad you found yourself a good one and have taken the weight and worry off of your shoulders, all the best.

    Also, appreciate you coming back here and posting the info for other guys to learn from.

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