Advanced Game Part 2: Ego, Game, Marriage, Cheating, Monogamy, Female Sexuality, Transience

In part 1 I covered some deeper concepts that experienced players need to know to take their game to the next level, in part 2 it’s more of the same, nothing but advanced game, check it out…

  1. Will,

    This is exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you.

    I have been caught in this ego trap—thinking that I’m the best player I know. I had a girl say, “When I’m around you it feels like my birthday.”

    And then Bamn!
    One month later she was gone, with all out no-contact.

    When you said, “Your ego will blind you.” That hit a chord. You’re so right, that we are never above the game. It’s just that when you get better, you start hearing different words from women.

    And their words are always playing the relationship game. You’ve got to evolve with the way they are mirroring you. Keeping a complete understanding of the cold facts.



  2. Thank you my man, glad you found it valuable.

    And you’re spot on, when you get better you get better treatment but the game is the same and they’re always selling that relationship.

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