How To Protect Your Privacy Online

Complete Internet privacy is a lost cause in 2014 but in certain situations it’s still possible and necessary. Some examples are avoiding spam or abitrary country-specific media restrictions or buying generic medicine with a prescription. After testing many tools I’ve found these to be the best:

1) Chrome Incognito

  • Chrome incognito is Google Chrome’s anonymous browsing option
  • It won’t hide your ip or protect your privacy from outside sources, this is really just for browsing at work without leaving a history for your IT department
  • You can access the chrome incognito window by hitting ctrl+shift+n

2) Hidemyass

  • Hidemyass is a free website that will hide your ip address for sites not accessible in your country or sites you don’t want a log of on your IP address on (this will slightly slow down your browsing)
  • Just type the website you want to go to in the search bar and you’re good to go (hide my ass has other functions but I’ve found better products below)

3) Tor Network

  • Tor is an open source software download that lets you browse an anonymous network of sites  or “dark web” under the url of .onion, these sites can only be seen through the Tor browser
  • You can also browse the internet directly and anonymously but your connection speeds will be much slower
  • Your purchases off Tor should be anonymous but for an extra level of security you can always sign in through a separate computer, say an internet cafe
  • You should  not download anything off the Tor network because it compromises your anonymity
  • Start by downloading, installing and running the Tor bundle as per the screenshot below, click the above link to navigate to the Tor Network Download site
  • Once you’re up and running you can start browsing the dark web with this site as per the below screenshots
  • We don’t condone anything illegal or harmful to others especially sites that condone the abuse of children (owners/downloaders of these sites should be shot), this is purely for anonymous browsing and freedom of information
  • Mailinator is a free disposable incoming email client for confirming your email address for sites that require sign up where you don’t want your email address added to their list
  • No sign up is necessary for Mailinator, just navigate to Mailinator as per the above link, type in any, ie, click check it and you will be able to receive emails to that location as per the screenshot below

5) Skypax

  • Skypax is a package re routing site, it offers you a delivery address for your packages located in England, from there Skypax will ship them to you
  • This can be useful for ordering products from a country where customs tends to have a higher rate of inspecting packages, for example, India or for a site that won’t ship to your country directly
  • You can also use it to add another layer of anonymity to your order
  • Unfortunately you will end up paying through the noise for this service
  • The process for using Skypax is as follows, you sign up for 1 time parcel forwarding, you get an email with your address to send the package to and password, this will cost about $24 USD (charged in pounds)
  • To find the address to route to, click on the suite # in the email, you’ll also get a link to a pdf of the invoice


  • You will then place your order for your package from the site you want to buy from using the address assigned to you through your Skypax Suite #
  • Once your package arrives, Skypax will send you a notification email with the link offering you the option to have your package dispatched to you through UPS
  • Once you select to have your package dispatched using UPS you’ll receive a confirmation email and a link to your invoice which will run you about $65 USD(charged in pounds)
  • Once your package has been dispatched you’ll recieve a notification email with the tracking number
  • About a week later you should expect to receive an automated phone message/phone call from UPS, with the tracking number for the package and a request to email with the Tracking # from the phone message in the subject line
  • Once you receive this message, email with your tracking # in the subject line and in the body of the email verify the package is a personal shipment for you and you would like UPS to clear this on your behalf
  • UPS will then charge you about $70 at the door for the customs/brokerage fee
  • Expect to pay a total of about $170 on top of the price of your package

6) Unotelly

  • Unotelly is a Virtual Private Network service used for watching vids outside of your country or for accessing products like Google Music
  • Unotelly will Change your DNS server but will not  hide your ip address
  • The service is used primarily  for watching US programming like Netflix, Hulu Plus etc. outside of the US.
  • Unotelly will give you a list of worldwide dns #s for their servers, for Canadian users for example you can use the DNS of an American server
  • The service will cost you $4.99 per month
  • Its probably the fastest vpn I’ve used, you won’t notice your videos lagging
  • I’ve illustrated the steps below for setting up the service
  • Step – 1:Open your web browser and go to
  • Steps 2-7 illustrated below
  • Once you’ve finished step 6 (ip version 4 changes), click ok and restart your computer
  • On step 7 log back in to Unotelly and you should be good to go with the service reflecting the final screenshot



7) Western Union

  • The safest way to protect your privacy when sending money is by doing it offline
  • Wetern Union is one of the oldest ways to wire money
  • You can find a list of Western Union locations in the link above and as per the screenshot below
  • Make sure you tell the cashier that it’s for personal purposes, not for business or they will stop the transaction
  • Make sure the transaction is under $1000 and it won’t be reported this way
  • They only accept debit and cash so make sure to pay in cash so there is no electronic record
  • You won’t be asked for ID or verification of yourself or your email address to send money , I would suggest using mailinator as you will only need your address for receiving the confirmation email
  • Make sure to specify to cashier the currency you’re paying in
  • Expect to fill out the form with the receivers name and contact info and your name and contact and select money in minutes as your sending option
  • You should also expect to pay a $30+ fee from Western Union as well as the cost of converting the Currency
  • After the transaction the cashier will give you a receipt with your mctn #
  • Update your name, contact info and mctn # on the receivers website and submit
  • The receiver should send you an email once the money has been received
  • Western Union is the primary method for scams so make sure the website you’re ordering from has been vetted by people you trust
*You’ll notice bitcoin didn’t make the list, the implosion of the largest bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox is one reason, the other is that it is always safer to send untraceable offline cash 
  1. The pics are broken.

    Is privacy that much of a concern? I used to do all those crazy kind of tools in my teens, but ultimately I felt I sunk all this time and energy for no return. Unless you are doing something illegal I don’t see too much of the need.

    The only thing I use nowadays is Chrome’s incognito mode. Now that I don’t look at adult entertainment, I rarely even need that anymore.

  2. Hey Mark,

    Thanks for your input. The pics seem to be working for me, although they are embedded in the article so you’re not able to click on them.

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