How To Fight Depression

Depression in men is an epidemic, its a silent killer, either through living a life of quiet desperation or through outright suicide. With the ruling class imposing cultural marxism on western society, this includes war on spirituality, nationalism, the nuclear family and traditional masculinity leaving a lot of men without a feeling of purpose in their lives. Many men now suffer from a lack of positive male role models and no longer have the traditional training, practical skills, guidance and mental toughness to handle life’s challenges that they would have learned from their fathers. Combine that with cultural atheism, nihilistic materialism, urban anonymity, lack of community, wage slavery and debt, its no wonder that many men slip into depression and look to escape into drugs, alcohol or video games. The majority of these men suffer in silence not wanting to show weakness or burden others with their problems. If you’re reading this I want to tell you that you’re not alone, there is hope and I’m going to show you exactly how to fight this beast, but first we have to understand exactly what depression is.

Depression is unhappiness plus fatigue, you cannot be depressed when you have energy, this is very important to understand in terms of controlling your energy levels. Anger is what results when you’re unhappy and have energy, anger is unpleasant but can be useful as motivation and is nowhere as crippling as depression. Depression is also different from sadness, because with sadness comes crying and a release, sadness is much easier to control, with depression there is no release, with depression you lose even the will to fight the feeling because fighting feels pointless. Depression in its entirety is a string of consistent negative thoughts that link to negative feelings in your physiology or vice versa, negative feelings in your physiology that manifest in thoughts, thoughts like I’m a failure, life is pointless, I have nothing to look forward to and I’m going to experience even more pain in the future are the most consistent ones. Out of all negative states, depression is the worst, the feelings of hopelessness, nausea, self hatred and suicidal ideation are nightmarish.The first step in the battle against depression is recognizing your major triggers, every man will be different but these are the most common in order.

  • This means not liking or accepting yourself and the consistent barrage of negative thoughts you tell yourself, giving up because you’re worthless anyway, or because you cant accomplish x you might as well give up on life

Illness/Physical pain

  • Being sick sends hundreds of negative anchors/triggers to your mind, reduces your key neurotransmitters making it much easier to slip into depression

Doing What You Hate

  • This could mean working a job you loathe where you see no way out, having consistent invasive medical treatment or any restriction on your freedom and pursuit of pleasure


  • Life is a pointless fools errand The number 1 rule for fighting depression is don’t let yourself slip into depression, its is exponentially more difficult to pull yourself out of depression then to stop yourself falling into it
The second step in fighting depression, once you’ve recognized your major triggers is to not to let yourself dip into negative/depressive states BEFORE you get in them because its much more difficult to fight your way out than to block depression at the source. The mental health community has done a good job raising awareness for depression, but has created many misconceptions of what depression actually is. Depression is NOT an illness, by thinking depression is an illness it creates a victim mentality and a rationale for making excuses and blaming your depression. Depression is a state, a state is determined by a combination of your physiology and your mentality. Its true depression has a genetic component, and you might be more predisposed to enter that state than others due to lower levels of key neurotransmitters but these can be raised through natural and chemical means. Depression is within your control. Your state is your mood, your state is your reality, your entire life is just a series of state shifts, we link external events to our state but in reality it is completely internal, YOU HAVE COMPLETE CONTROL OVER YOUR STATE. Now that you understand what depression really is and that you have control over it I’ve outlined the three lines of defense in your battle. These all come from personal experience and ruthless trial and error in my own fight against depression, they are your lifestyle, state boosters and how to fight your way out if you slip into depression.

  • Enjoying the material world is great but having faith in something greater than you gives your life meaning, peace, comfort. Pure materialism, is empty, hollow, poorly disguised nihilism
  • This has nothing to do with religion, but in believing that life in the material world is temporary after which we return to a state of oneness, God and love
  • This means communion with God, asking to be close, and trying to do the right things
Proper Sleep 
  • Getting proper sleep is crucial to keeping your energy levels high, feeling lethargic destroys your state, make sure to get 6-8 hours a night
  • You also want to keep your sleep consistent and at night, as opposed to being up at night and sleeping during the day, this ensures a proper circadian rhythm which is what you’re evolved for
  • Getting proper sleep also strengthens your immune system, in my experience the number one cause for me getting sick is not getting enough sleep.
Avoiding Sickness
  • Sickness is a massive state destroyer, its very difficult to pull out of negative/depressing states when you’re sick
  • Taking 5 grams of vitamin c at the first sign of a cold is crucial to preventing this as well as avoiding foods you’re allergic too, for me its dairy
Drinking Lots Of Water 
  • Feeling relaxed in your body is crucial to your state
  • Without adequate water your muscles will get tight and you become irritable
Proper Diet
  • Eating well gives you good clean energy all day, this is the backbone of your state
  • Eating well also prevents state killers like stomach pain, lethargy and bloating
  • That means eating natural foods when possible like meat, vegetables, fruits and nuts
  • This also means avoiding foods you’re allergic to for me that means dairy
  • One key factor for maintaining energy throughout the day is to keep carbs low/moderate and rely mostly on protein and fat, meat and nuts are great sources of energy, you can carb up at night once you’re ready to relax
Intermittent Fasting
  • Fasting in the morning with caffeine will give you extra energy and prevents lethargy from eating breakfast
  • Fasting works synergistically with caffeine
No Ejaculation
  • This is the most powerful state amplifier on this list
  • Ejaculation causes a dopamine crash, a testosterone crash, and a chi crash
  • Even one ejaculation brings on lethargy, consistent ejaculation brings on massive lethargy, lack of energy and lack of killer instinct
  • With no ejaculation you’ll notice, brighter moods, better energy, better circulation of Chi, more confidence, more presence, less fear, higher sex drive and increased pleasure from sex
  • If you can’t hold back from ejaculating (its hard) then try and limit it to once or twice a week
High Intensity Training
  • High intensity training is the best way to exercise, it elevates all your key levels like testoserone and growth hormone as well as GABA without flooding your body with cortisol like endurance exercise
  • HIT gets blood flowing getting energy up, especially if done first thing in the morning, this includes weights and HIT cardio
Stress Free Living
  • This is a key one, its not always possible especially if you have a high stress job but you have to do what you can to minimize it
  • Stress causes state destroyers like anxiety and adrenaline dumps
  • Work on positive reframes, outcome detachment and removing stressful situations, that means not working a stressful job and getting rid of negative people in your life
Positive Thinking And Thought Reframing
  • You are what you tell yourself, when you tell yourself negative things they will store in your body,usually in the diaphram in the form of nausea
  • If you can’t be positive at the time you have to do your best to at least avoid negative thinking because if you don’t you will easily spiral into a depressive state
  • This means taking negative thoughts, analyzing them and asking how is the useful to me, If its not, then discard it
  • Think of some key reframes to the the trigger points listed above as well as some key reframes to your own personal trigger points
Having A Mission 
  • Every man needs a mission, a mission allows you to over come obstacles, a mission gives you vision and purpose, a mission gives you tunnel vision from negative thoughts,  a mission projects a positive reality for your futur
  • Focusing on your mission is an awesome way to channel your energy away from negative thoughts, it also allows you to reframe your suffering as a positive
Not Doing Things You Hate
  • This means your job, social functions, hanging out with people who don’t respect you, playing an image you don’t feel because society compels you
Managing Your Reality
  • Don’t have coworkers or minimize your time with them, same with negative family member, its much harder to manage reality with negative people pressuring you to conform
  • It also means avoiding all negative media, movies, news, it means quitting that job that you hate or breaking up with the girl that you hate.
  • This means consistently watching and monitoring your state by making the subconscious conscious
  • This gets easier with practice and your mind will automatically send you red flags on negative thoughts.
Having An Achievement Mentality
  • The first thing you need to do is to make a promise to your self that from now on you’ve transitioned to an achievement mentality
  • That means instead of getting high on food, drugs, porn, video games or any other escape from reality, you’re now going to get high on achieving
  • You’re going to use the mentalitiesroutines, and structures on this site to forge laser-like focus in achieving your mission and goals.
Self Acceptance
  • This means looking back positively on all you have going for you, as well as future achievements
  • This is easier said then done and is a gradual process so start with baby steps
  • This means having a daily routine, being organized, going to bed at the same time everyday
  • This brings you order, stability and allows focus towards your mission giving you pride in your control over your environment.
 Multiple Areas Of Self Esteem: 
  • You need to take pride in many areas of your life including but not limited to, your mission, your career, your presence, your style, your fitness, your relationships etc
  • This means when you’re failing in one particular area you can still receive plenty of self-esteem from others.
Standing/Sitting Up Straight 
  • Standing up straight is the physical embodiment of your most powerful state, standing hunched over is what people with low self esteem do
  • Standing up straight gives you increased energy. Standing up straight also sends cues to your body of an increased projection of power, most people don’t stand up straight as they’ve spent a whole lifetime apologizing for their existence.
State Boosters
  • Affection directly raises oxytocin, this is the chemical that makes you warm and fuzzy
  • Some guys don’t realize they have affection needs as well as sexual needs, this means go find a cute girl to cuddle with at least once a week
Cold Shower
  • Start with a warm shower and finish with 30 seconds of cold 5 on the head, 10 on the chest, 10 on the back, 5 on the head again, I do this every morning
  • Its refreshing and gives you a great adrenaline and energy boost
  • 10 minutes of sprinting on the treadmill will boost your level of endorphins, these natural painkillers will give you a quick state boost
Reading/Listening To Motivational Media
  • This is crucial, the human brain is like a sponge the more positivity you’re around the more positive you feel
  • Even reading a Tony Robbins book, which is 99% filler will affect your mood positively through immersion
  • Phenibut in moderation is the best drug I’ve ever taken
  • Its a GABA agonist similar to alcohol except with out the cognitive effects or lethargy
  • On a moderate dose of phenibut you’ll notice increased energy, relaxation, feelings of happiness, music sounds amazing
  • Dosage should be between 1g to 2g, try 1g for your first time
  • Take on an empty stomach in the morning with caffeine and don’t eat for approximately 3 hours after to potentiate effects
  • Phenibut will last the entire day peaking at about 5 hours in
  • Be careful not to use more than a few times a week as tolerance builds quickly and withdrawal can be nasty
  • Don’t use any more than 2/3 times a week.
  • Caffeine is the second best drug I take
  • On an empty stomach a 100mg caffeine pill in the morning gives me a consistent energy boost for 3 to 4 hours and sets the proper tone for the day
  • You’ll also notice a mild euphoria and faster cognitive processing
  • Caffeine is also a great drug because it works consistently every day with only a mild tolerance forming
  • With that said if you don’t take caffeine every day the effects are even stronger with a near recreational drug high
  • A caffeine pill in water is the most effective way to absorb caffeine, it also negates the diuretic effects
  • Caffeine is also great state boost mid day if your mood is getting low
  • Going out with your buddies who can make you laugh is always a great state booster, especially when you’re feeling down and don’t want to go
  • The most consistent though is throwing on a comedy, or youtube videos, these can put you in state within 10/20 minutes.
  • Powerful uplifting music is awesome for a quick state boost, I don’t go anywhere without headphones.
  • First thing in the morning is the most important time for music, the first thing I do when I wake up is put my headphones in

Fighting Your Way Out

  • In many ways depression is rage turned inwards
  • Harness that rage and let it motivate you that you won’t be a slave to it anymore, that you won’t have another day destroyed
  • Then use that anger (depression is anger) and focus towards the obstacles in your way and how you will be a glorious success
  • Fight, strive, kick and claw your way up to a neutral mood
Don’t Future Plan
  • Depression means you’re in mental survival mode, this means regrouping and directing all your energy to lifting your present state
  • Do not try and plan your future in a depressives state, all your future dreams will look hopeless and stupid, this will push you further into a depressive state
  • This means telling yourself that this is a temporary state that will soon pass
  • Telling yourself that the reality you’re experiencing is not objective
  • Prayer really means communion with God, all states are within you and so is God, by praying for God to remove your depression you’re able to access other states
  • Its a comforting feeling to be able to rest your burdens on God
Thought Blocking
  • More important than positive thinking is avoiding negative thinking, that means fighting hard when you recognize yourself going to a depressive spiral, that means telling negative thoughts no, no, no! 
  • Thought blocking is also crucial when you’re in the middle of depression, tell those negative thoughts to fuck off
  • This is your most effective tool
State Boosters
  • Use any of the state boosters listed above, with that said make sure to use phenibut in moderation
Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor and this is not medical advice and shouldn’t be treated as such. If you have clinical depression ask your doctor before implementing anything in this article.


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  1. RalphLockwood says

    Excellent post. Suffering now through an admittedly light depression brought on by job loss, I’m implementing many of these actions to lift myself out of the depths. Anti-depressant pharmaceuticals get a rough write up in the MSM; but sometimes they are of great use to get yourself out of that dreadful “fog of nihilism” to start caring and gain the desire to get better.
    Pay a certified mental health professional cash and don’t go through your insurance if you are worried about prospective employers seeing the psych help on your med records. I did this when it finally struck me I needed some help to get out of the despair that I just couldn’t shake.

  2. says

    Good stuff. For me, putting “Having a Mission” is probably the highest. When a man has time on his hands and no goals, he’s probably going to do something really stupid. When a man has time on his hands and goals, he’s gonna build something, and often, he does something great.

    And of course, being a musician/composer, music is really high up there.

  3. RLD says

    Hey Paul, absolutely agree, having a mission is absolutely critical for every guy, idle hands are the devils playthings. Building things is what we’re born to do and creating great music is an awesome mission to have.

  4. RLD says

    Thanks Ralph, great to hear you’re implementing some of this stuff. You’re right, ssri’s do get trashed a lot but some people respond really well to them, I say use whatever works, taking action, being proactive and fighting are the keys. Great tips on keeping that off your employer records and good man on recognizing you needed some help and taking action, there is no shame in that. The key is to keep remembering you can and will come through the other end and you will be stronger for having endured it.

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