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How To Avoid Toxic Women Part 2: How To Know If You Can Trust A Girl (Includes Insane Real Life Example)

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In part 1 of this series we covered the how to avoid toxic women by spotting the 49 red flags to look out for. The definition of a toxic woman being someone who poisons your happiness through deceptive, manipulative, rude and sometimes violent behaviors.

And now in part 2, I’m going to give you the ultimate screening test for trusting a potential girlfriend. I’m also going to assume you read part 1, and no what to look for, and are either considering a relationship with this girl or are already in one. I’m also going to assume you’ve done all your screening homework by reading the following articles:

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So assuming you know the red flags to look for, and you’ve done your homework on screening the next logical thing to learn is how to know if you can trust a girl. The unfortunate truth is, that you can’t. You can’t trust any human being 100%. However you can massively reduce the probability of getting fucked by following the one simple technique I’m going to give you. Because as a player in the game of life, you’ve given up on certainties and live to play probabilities.

Now I’m going to assume, that any girl you’re serious about is one who as already one part of your trust, and one who has past the screening criteria as well as not thrown up any obvious red flags on the field. Unfortunately some women are good actresses, this technique is designed to weed them out and reveal the good ones. I’ve also got an insane real life example that just happened to my buddy using this exact techique and what it revealed to him about his girlfriend.

Check out the full video and audio here, test it out for yourself and let me know how it goes in the comments:

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  1. Dan
    May 11, 2017 at 1:48 am


    As far as going through a girl’s phone, how do you know that they are not deleted text messages and facebook messages? I am recently divorced. My wife of 11 years did this and that is how she hid cheating for so long. Thanks for all of your badass material.

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