9 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Go To College

Most guys are taught from birth that college is the natural extension of your school life and only losers drop out or don’t go. You’re taught that to get a good job you need a 4 year degree in a subject that is most likely irrelevant and impractical to use in the real world so that you can become a wage slave for a faceless corporation. If you don’t go to college you’ll be shamed by your parents and friends and told you’ll earn less than your peers.

But what If you don’t like school?

What if you’re the kind of man who doesn’t want another 4 years in the prime of your life trapped indoors regurgitating useless shit from textbooks so that you can get a piece of paper with your name on it?

What if you’re the kind of man that wants to start your own business and become financially independent without ever having to call another man your boss?

Then maybe college isn’t for you. If you’re not convinced yet check out these 9 reasons why you shouldn’t go to college:

1) Cost

The average cost of a college education including room and board is $40,000 a year, thats $160,000 over 4 years! With that amount of money you could have bought a house with no mortgage, you could have invested that into a thriving business, you could have bought a medium term bond fund giving you enough passive income to live comfortably in Thailand. The situation is even more grim if you’ve taken on debt, this means that after you graduate not only will you be a corporate wage slave, you’ll also spend the next ten years paying off your loans as a debt slave, welcome to the system.

2) Indoctrination

You’d think 16 years of state sponsored schooling would be enough indoctrination for most people but it doesn’t seem that way. Going to college means you apply for a 4 year extension of your state sponsored reality tunnel that prepares you for being a good wage slave. It means living in an environment that promotes a socialist agenda enforced by politically correct doublespeak designed to curb your freedoms as a man and shame your natural instincts. Instead of learning from textbooks and absorbing collectivist propaganda in a top down system you have access to the most liberating technology in the history of man, the internet, where you can learn important skills like how to become self actualized, how to live like a man and how to succeed, why not educate yourself in what you’re really interested in?

3) You Start At The bottom Of  The Social Pyramid

Freshman year is like the first year of high school, you enter as a scared fish at the bottom of the social ladder and have a month or two to desperately climb the rungs before positions solidify. You then spend the next 4 years maintaining and jockeying for position, this will take as much time as a part-time job but without the money.This is great if you’re near the top of the pyramid with access to tons of hot college girls, but for the vast majority of guys, you won’t be. Many people stress the social bond developed at college but with day game and the internet you will have more girls than you need and if you have a couple guys cool guys to hang out with you can easily have all your social needs met.

4) Opportunity Cost

By going to college you sacrifice 4 years in the prime of your life for starting a business, this is a massive time commitment. Had you chosen to start your own business, by the time your friends are graduating with $40,000 in student loan debt you could have a thriving business, $40,000 in savings and no boss.

5) You Learn Irrelevant Information

Unless your major is specialized or a practical skill you are generally learning nothing that will help you in your financial success. A liberal arts education is completely useless at making you money, the only skill you’ll learn is how to regurgitate from a textbook.

6) You Will Learn From People Who Aren’t Real World Successes

Chances are your professor isn’t a winner, otherwise he wouldn’t have spent 20 years wasting away in academia teaching underwater basket weaving. Even your entrepreuneurship professor is a bad example to model, because if he was a true entrepreneur he would be running his business, better to learn from a real life success like MJ De Marco (despite the corny title this book is not a scam, its the best thing I’ve read on starting a business)

7) Promotes Intellectualism

Certain degrees especially non skill related advanced degrees promote an intellectual viewpoint of the world, this can create an analytical theoretician otherwise known as an intellectual. This is a guy who takes excessive pride in his intellect while denying human emotions. Being intelligent is important, but your intellect should be a tool for helping you live a dynamic and purpose driven life, for increasing your happiness primarily in the three key areas, health, wealth and relationships not for hiding behind a false position of detached superiority.

8) Promotes Passive Behavior

College teaches you to be really good at regurgitating a textbook on paper, this is great training for a future wage slave for taking orders from your boss and regurgitating them onto an excel spreadsheet. Instead of learning passively you should be actively engaged in the real world learning what really works and liberating yourself from a life of miserable servitude.

9) Advanced Degrees Promote Stunted Real World Development

The average age of a PHD student is 33, by that age the majority of our ancestors were dead ! Even for a masters you’re still looking at 27 before you get started on your life. By 32 Alexander The Great had already conquered most of the known world. That is a full third of your life devoted to a piece of paper that in most cases won’t make you any more marketable to employers, and when it does, you’re still an employee being told what to do and when you can spend time with your loved ones. That PHD in womyn’s studies won’t help your health, wealth or relationships and will only prepare you for a life wittling away in academia or working at Starbucks.

*If for some reason you need to go to college and want make the best of it check out this 4 part article from GLL on dominate the social pyramid.

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  1. says

    These are all great points.

    Before anyone decides to go to college, they need to weigh the pros and cons. Problem is, a lot of the standard media (magazines, tv channels, etc.) don’t give the REAL cons. Or if they do, they only half ass telling you this stuff.

    You have really great info. Surprised you aren’t getting more comments already. Don’t disappear on us like many other bloggers do!

  2. RLD says

    Thanks Mark, absolutely the media keeps you deep in that state sanctioned reality tunnel preparing you for a life of wage slavery and distractions.

    Thanks buddy, no need to worry I’m in this for life, by the end of the year this site will be my fulltime job.

  3. Alfonso says

    Wow this is very helpful. I recently graduated from high school and this means a lot. I learned more useful information from this website, than I ever did in school.

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