9 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Go To College


Most guys are taught from birth that college is the natural extension of your school life and only losers drop out or don’t go. You’re taught that to get a good job you need a 4 year degree in a subject that is most likely irrelevant and impractical to use in the real world so that you [...]

Girlfriend Series Part 3: Breaking Up

Breaking Up

In part 3 of this series, I want to outline for you guys what to expect from a breakup, (specifically if you’ve been living together) my experience and how to move on. Before you read this you should check out part 1 on picking the right girlfriend and part 2 on what to expect when you move in with a girl.  Breaking [...]

Girlfriend Series Part 2: Living Together

Moving In Together

Living with a girlfriend is a big step, in my case I underestimated how big a step and how big an impact having someone share my territory would have on my life. For you guys out there considering moving in with a girl Its crucial to have these four things in place: The right girlfriend, this is the most [...]

Girlfriend Series Part 1: Finding The Right Girlfriend

Perfect Girlfriend

This guide is for alpha males only and is not politically correct, political correctness includes attacks on traditional masculine and feminine roles. This is for guys who understand men and women are different and want a feminine woman who will give them balance, love and happiness. The majority of the problems guys have with women [...]

7 Solid Tools For Protecting Your Privacy (Browsing, Email, Routing, VPN Media Streaming, Dark Web, Sending Money)

Chrome Incognito

DISCLAIMER: THESE TOOLS ARE FOR YOUR PRIVACY ONLY AND NOT ILLEGAL ACTIVITY Complete Internet privacy is a lost cause in 2014 however in certain situations it is still possible and necessary. Some examples are avoiding spam or abitrary country-specific media restrictions or prescription requirements. After testing many tools I’ve found these to be the best: [...]

The Red Pill Survival Guide

Kubler Ross Model

The “Red Pill” analogy is taken from the movie “The Matrix” as a symbol for forbidden knowledge, it primarily refers to insight on evolutionary biology, dating, religion, manhood, social hierarchies, feminism and mens rights. A lot of sites speaking about red pill topics are collectively known as the “manosphere”. Through the “manosphere” a lot of [...]