Jack Lemmon in Glengarry Glen Ross
In part 1 of this four part series we outlined the entire industry from top to bottom. Now that you have an idea of what sales jobs are available we’re going to get into what you need to know before taking a job, how to interview, the key workplace strategies you need to

I worked in sales for the better part of a decade and the skills I learned in that time are the most important ones I have in business and in life. Everything in life is sales, from companies selling you products to your girlfriend selling you on marriage. You are selling

weightlifting fail
When I look around at the gym or online I see a lot of guys making preventable mistakes when it comes to their diet and training. Unfortunately there is a lot of bad information out there from so called experts that is either useless, confusing or dangerous. The majority of nutritionists and

First Date
In this article I’ll show you exactly how to get laid on the first date from how to greet her to how to take off her pants: every step is covered in meticulous detail. These tactics have been refined to a science over the last decade and a half and

Sexual Economics
To understand your role in the sexual marketplace you need to understand sexual economics. Mainstream media and even most red pill websites don’t properly understand sexual dynamics. This post was originally written as the first chapter in my new book but I wanted to expand on it and get this out to you guys because this

It’s the start of a new year, the time of year where people talk about how motivated they are. You hear it everywhere you go. They talk about their half-assed resolutions. They talk about how they’re going to lose weight. They talk about how they’re going to quit smoking. They talk about

Kratom or Mitragnya Speciosa is an herb native to Southeast Asia that has been used in the region for hundreds of years for its mood-lifting, anti-anxiety and painkilling properties. Kratom is a u-opiod receptor agonist in the same class as morphine except much more mild and less habit forming. Kratom has

Rimjob Orgasm
A rimjob orgasm, for those of you guys who don’t know, is the act of licking someone’s asshole for the purpose of sexual arousal resulting in a peak experience. I’m proud to say that defintion could not be found on urban dictionary so I will take full credit for its first