How To Use Kratom To Crush Plateaus In The Gym


Kratom or Mitragnya Speciosa is an herb native to Southeast Asia that has been used in the region for hundreds of years for its mood-lifting, anti-anxiety and painkilling properties. Kratom is a u-opiod receptor agonist in the same class as morphine except much more mild and less habit forming. Kratom has actually been used for weaning […]

How To Give Her A Rimjob Orgasm

Rimjob Orgasm

A rimjob orgasm, for those of you guys who don’t know, is the act of licking someone’s asshole for the purpose of sexual arousal resulting in a peak experience. I’m proud to say that defintion could not be found on urban dictionary so I will take full credit for its first appearance online in this scholarly […]

How To Fight Hair Loss With Kirkland Minoxidil

Kirkland Minoxidil

Kirkland Minoxidil is an OTC medication used in the treatment of androgenic alopecia, or male pattern baldness. Minoxidil was the first FDA approved treatment for baldness under the tradename Rogaine. Minoxidil has been clinically effective not just in treating hair loss but in some cases it has been proven to regrow hair. Minoxidil is a nitric […]

How To Build Muscle Mass: The Definitive Guide

How To Build Muscle Mass

The internet is the greatest knowledge builder of all time, the problem is the signal to noise ratio, there is a lot of white noise. When it comes to learning how to build muscle mass, there is a ton of information out there, too much information in fact. It doesn’t help that bodybuilding sites need consistent […]

The Definitive Definition Of Game And Why You Should Be A Player Not A Pickup Artist

Be A Player Not A Pickup Artist

The Pick Up Artist community as it stands today was started with the concept that any guy, no matter how creepy looking, could land the girl of his dreams through conversational hypnosis. As time went on guys became disillusioned with this style and looked to structured social game as the answer. Eventually guys got tired of spitting corny […]