In Chapter 4 of my latest book: How To Fuck Women Properly, I go into depth (pun intended) on the best ways to train for becoming a beast in the bedroom. One of my secrets is the Fleshlight. For those of you guys who haven’t bought the book I wanted to put

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Today I’m proud to officially announce the release of my latest book: How To Fuck Women Properly. This book is the one you guys have been asking for. In response to your comments and emails I’ve put together everything I know about sex into a 100 page training manual. My goal in writing this book was to put together the best book on sex ever written and in my not so humble opinion, I’ve succeeded.

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Creatine is a natuarlly occuring organic acid that helps to supply energy to all cells in the body, primarily muscle. Creatine does this by increasing the amount of adenosine triphosphate or ATP in the body. Your body uses ATP as fuel during short-duration exercises involving muscular contraction like weight lifting or sprinting.

The Secret Is Bullshit
The secret to success, the real secret, is that there is no secret. No book, no pill and no seminar is going to make you successful. No amount of wishful thinking or positive intent will get you what you want. Everything you want is a scarce resource that you have

Whether you’re a salesman or a business owner the way you service your clients is what will make or break you. In sales I was always amazed at how many guys would kill themselves to bring on new clients only to give them mediocre service. It takes ten times more work to

In life there are only two types of persuasion, force and seduction. Force is masculine, seduction is feminine. Force is persuasion through involuntary agreement, seduction is persuasion through voluntary agreement. Force is more powerful in the short term but seduction is more powerful in the long term. Stalin’s power died with him but 2000 years

Jack Lemmon in Glengarry Glen Ross
In part 1 of this four part series we outlined the entire industry from top to bottom. Now that you have an idea of what sales jobs are available we’re going to get into what you need to know before taking a job, how to interview, the key workplace strategies you need to

I worked in sales for the better part of a decade and the skills I learned in that time are the most important ones I have in business and in life. Everything in life is sales, from companies selling you products to your girlfriend selling you on marriage. You are selling

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